Dispatch eBay Orders

Our dispatch software provides 10 orders per page, joins all order from same seller together and also a sale summary to pick orders.

10 Orders Per Page

All of your order will be printed 10 orders per page, save your time to print and pages. Orders will be arrange in title order so easy to pack one type of items at one time.

Multiple Orders

It will join all order from one seller together, saving you postage of sending different order to same buyer. If someone order multiple item from you it will make or separate sheet so you know which parcel will include more than one item.

Summary Sale

Sale summary of eBay order let you easily save daily items sent record. It can also be used as order pick up sheet easy to pick all item at once instead of with each order.

Add short Titles

If you want to add your own titles instead of using what you used on eBay, you can add short title and when you will dispatch it will display those short title helping you easily recognizing which item is it.